U-Shaped Kids Automatic Toothbrush

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Let the baby love to brush his teeth😍😍

💥Designed specifically for babies and tooth care every moment💥

U-Shaped Kids Automatic Toothbrush for Kids was specially designed to make brushing funny! By promoting healthy oral hygiene habits, and creating a fun safe environment, kids will enjoy brush their teeth! Each cartoon character was designed to feel like a toy. Let children brush their teeth is no longer a problem.

  • ❎Children are not willing to brush their teeth
  • ❎The child will not use the toothbrush correctly
  • ❎Brushing his teeth is not clean and may cause oral injury
  • ❎Brushing time is long, and the child not willing

Children's oral problems need every parent to pay attention to, Oral problems in childhood can cause many problems

U-Shaped Kids Automatic Toothbrush makes it easy for children to brush their teeth. Choose the right toothbrush and let your baby like to brush his teeth.

  • 360 Degree Cleaning Of Each Tooth: It can make every tooth clean, even in the gingival sulcus, interdental space, caries.
  • Adjustable Mode: 3-speed brushing mode:Standard,Brushing and Sensitive gum care,each time 45 seconds can complete the 360-degree brushing can cover every part, simple and convenient.
  • Brushing Made Fun: Brushing Feels more like a treat than a chore. Our kids' electric toothbrush is specially designed to fit comfortably and gently brush for gum and oral health. Make children like to brush their teeth and save parent's time.
  • Have Music To Play. Brushing your teeth is accompanied by music, so brushing your teeth is no longer alone.
  • Warranty Guarantee: Recommended use foam and liquid toothpaste. We Offer 180 Days Free Return or Free Exchange Because Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority.


  • Wireless charging magnetic charging base, fast charging
  • 2 brush heads to choose from. Choose different sizes of brush heads for different ages
  • Long Time to Use. It can be used for 15 days when fully charged. Wireless charging, about 120 minutes full.
  • The product has 4 colors: Pink Pig, Green Deer, Blue Bear, Yellow Elephant


  • This product is for 3-12years, If the child is too young, it is not suitable for use.
  • The brush head is made of food-grade silicone. The brush head is made of transparent material, which is different from the product picture. 
Packet Include:

1*toothbrush Body 1*toothbrush head    wireless charging base 1*USB Data Line


    Product Parameter:

    • Product Type: GTOQ
    • Product Size: 108*38*38mm
    • Charging Time: <120 min
    • Product Weight: 99g
    • Applicable Population: 3~12 year-old children
    • Brush Material: Environmental Protection Edible U-type Silica Gel
    • Waterproof Grade: Whole Body Waterproof (IPX7)