Portable LED UV Disinfection Bag

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Portable LED UV Disinfection Bag

This UV sterilization bag provides 360°disinfection with 12pcs led lamp beads.The intensity of the ultaviolet disinfection lamp is equal to more than 20 times the intensity of the sun. Life time for the bulbs will last 10,000 hours.

With One-touch operation and automatic shutdown function, it effectively achieves sterilization in 3 minutes.No residual odor after cleaning.

Portable LED UV Disinfection Bag


  • ☀Internal use of special reflective materials for UV light for all-round disinfection.3 minutes sterilization,it effectively killing dirtiness up to 99.9% and can remove odor.
  • One-button operation, suitable for all kinds of DC 5V mobile power and charging plugs.
  • ☀The disinfection space is large enough to be put into a variety of household items for disinfection.When going out, you can put it in your suitcase as a storage bag.
  • ☀Not only suitable for ultraviolet disinfection of underwear,but also for headphones,hearing aids,stethoscopes,dentures,tooth brushes,beauty tools,feeding bottles ,toys,forks,knife,glasse,ect.
Portable LED UV Disinfection Bag
Portable LED UV Disinfection Bag


    • LED lamp beads: 12
    • Net weight: 608g
    • Power supply interface: USB (Micro)
    • LED wavelength: 260-280nm
    • Lamp life: 10,000 hours
    • Rated input: 5V-2A
    • Color: Gray,Pink
    • Package Includes:
      • 1 * UV Disinfection Bag
      • 1 * instruction manual
      • 1 * adapter
    Portable LED UV Disinfection Bag
    Portable LED UV Disinfection Bag