Moon Lamp Magnetic Levitating

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  • MAGNETIC LEVITATING MOON LAMP - Use Magnetic levitation technique,Suspended and Spinning automatically in mid-air Freely without any support or contact,able to attract people's eyes.

  • "REAL" MOON - Using the most advanced 3D printing technology to reproduce Moon Surface Precisely by High-resolution astronomical data, to creat a texture that is very similar to the real moon. The moon has been a divine and enchanting symbol, it brings you lucky and happiness.

  • WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION - The moon lamp is powered through electromagnetic induction, no need cables or built-in battery,Soft LED light, no harm to the eye, with long service life.extremely low power consumption compared with traditional lamp lights controlled by the touch button:on/off

  • THREE COLORS MODES- You can choose warm yellow color, white color,Gradient changing from white to yellow color as you want, just touch the only one power button in turn.


Our magnetic levitating moon lamp makes the perfect night light! Sleep under the moonlight every night. The moon globe floats using a magnetic technology designed to create a magical levitating effect.

Take in the magical beauty of the moon every night with the Moon Lamp, made with an amazingly detailed 3-D lunar landscape that adds a unique and modern touch to your desk.

1 x Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp
1 x Wood Base
1 x Power Adapter

How To Levitate Your Moon Lamp

  • Step 1:Place the moon lamp and base it on a flat, non-metallic surface. Plug the AC Adapter and another end DC power insert the base
  • Step 2:Start from a height about 6 inches above the base. Carefully lower the moon with both hands directly over the center of the base, keeping it level until you feel the upward magnetic force supporting the weight of the moon.
  • Step 3:When you feel the magnetic force supporting the weight of the moon, gently let go keeping it centered and level. If it falls, simply lift the moon and try it again. If at first, you don’t succeed, Try, try, try it again.
  • Step 4:Finally touch the POWER sign on the base to turn on/off your levitating moon lamp.


How can this product benefit me?

  • This unique product can truly show the changing characteristics of the moon in front of you, not in the distant sky

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  • We only source merchandise from socially responsible businesses with ethical manufacturing practices.

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