Moon Lamp™
Moon Lamp™
Moon Lamp™
Moon Lamp™
Moon Lamp™
Moon Lamp™
Moon Lamp™
Moon Lamp™

Moon Lamp™

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Promised Someone the Moon?

Stand by Your Word…
With GalaxyLamps!

If you were to tell a special someone that you could give them the moon, they’d probably laugh in your face - until you present that face with the original Moon Lamp by GalaxyLamps, a strikingly realistic replica of the original big grey ball in the sky.

The Moon Lamp is a breathtaking addition to any household for you or that special someone. Pick your size from 8cm through to 18cm (3in - 7in) and watch your space come to life through the magic of the night sky.

Bring Outer Space Closer to Home

NASA Astronaut applicants have a 0.6% chance of being chosen. While becoming a real-life astronaut is unlikely for most of us, that doesn’t mean we can’t see the moon up close and personal. This enchanting and ORIGINAL authentic moon lamp is a true piece of art, painstakingly crafted to serve as a remarkable replication of the real thing.

High-Quality 3D Printing

We aren’t about mass manufacturing. Each Moon Lamp takes 26 hours to produce via 3D printing, and it comes out as one single piece. A sturdy design and build ensures a worthy investment.

    The Ultimate Gift

    Give that special someone a present they’ll never forget, with the original GalaxyLamps® Moon Lamp. It’s enough to transform even the dullest of nights into a stellar evening of magic - perfect for bedtime reading or a relaxing soak in the tub. Empower a friend or family member to hold the moon in their hands, equipped with every crater and dead lunar volcano. Seeing as the Moon Lamp is made using 100% safe and non-toxic materials, it’s the perfect gift for space-obsessed kids too!

      Why The Moon Lamp?

      • It’s FCC, CE, and RoHS Certified
      • It’s safe for the whole family
      • Its craters and nuances look just like the real thing
      • It lights up any room with intergalactic beauty
      • 8 sizes. 2 color tones. 1 beautiful lamp. Switch between white, yellow, or neutral in a flash.
      • It’s conveniently dimmable
      • It never heats up, making it safe for everyone
      • It’s totally wireless for a simple, stress-free experience

      GalaxyLamps’ Moon Lamp offers endless inspiration. Place it on your work desk and sneak a glance whenever you need some creativity or encouragement.


      Don’t be fooled by chancers selling cheap knock-offs. Not only do these fragile designs break more easily and look fake, but chances are, they’re also packed with non-compliant rechargeable batteries. These are incredibly dangerous, and should be kept out of every home.

      Remember - GalaxyLamps.Co is the ONLY authentic manufacturer and distributor of the original Moon Lamp. Bring the power of the moon closer to home by ordering now. STOCK IS LIMITED - avoid disappointment by bagging your Moon Lamp from Galaxy Lamps now!