MINE MIRS Smart LED Makeup Mirror

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iF Product Design Award - MINE MIRS Smart lighted mirror

Touch-adjustable brightness and perfect product appearance

Touch adjustment brightness function:You can change the brightness of the LED by touching the perimeter of the mirror. With a powerful LED ring, the brightness and color temperature of which is freely adjustable, and there are three colours to choose. MINE MIRS enables users to create professional makeup lighting in any environment. 

Perfect appearance:This product won the 2018 GERMANY IF DESIGN AWARD. The LED ring is also interactive. This novel way of operation gives users a new experience that is easy, elegant, interesting, and cool. MINE MIRS also adopts wireless charging, eliminating the trouble of user plugging the data line. Despite the powerful functions, the overall thickness is merely 6.6mm, thus convenient to carry.



  •  LIGHT AND PORTABLE: With a weight of only 70g, a size of 3.9inch, you can put it in any of your hand bag or purse and bring it with you anywhere
  • SLIDING TOUCH SENSOR CONTROL: slide along the light ring clockwise/ counterclockwise to turn the light on/off
  • FREE ADJUSTMENT OF BRIGHTNESS: slide along the light ring clockwise/ counterclockwise to adjust brightness, free dimmable up to 600lux
  • 3-TONE LED LIGHTS: allows you to switch between cool, warm, or natural light tones by double touching the light ring

  • WIRELESS CHARGING: With the wireless charger AIRE included you can get a full charge in 30-60mins, one charge lasts up to one week

  •  Scratch-resistant

  •  Anti-fall, even if the carelessness of the hand fell to the ground, it is completely unaffected

This stylish compact mirror comes with a wireless charging function that is an integrated wireless charging system that can charge iPhones, iPads, Androids, and any other QI compatible device. These advanced mirrors contain AIRE technology that can also charge your phone with QI supported wireless charging.

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