Levitating Moon Lamp™

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Love Your Home to the Moon and Back?

Prove it… With the World’s FIRST Levitating Moon Lamp!

There’s something endlessly enchanting (not to mention nostalgic…) about the moon. It’s hovered above our heads our whole lives, but we never get to see it close up. That changes now with the ORIGINAL GalaxyLamps Levitating Moon Lamp!

This captivating Levitating Moon is incredibly realistic - an out-of-this-world gift for yourself or a friend or family member. Just as the real moon hangs peacefully in space, supported by the unseen weightless force of gravity, your Levitating Moon offers the same consistency and dreamlike charm.

What's the Secret? 

Yes, the Levitating Moon Lamp really is suspended in midair, and will be for months to come. But - how? While your friends will probably wave their hands under the moon to find a wire, you’ll snicker in the corner knowing how it really works - which is with magnets. These invisible forces propel your Levitating Moon Lamp up and into the air, where it’ll hover a few centimeters above the base.

Pick a Plug... and Play

US? UK? EU? AU? We made sure we cater to the whole world, bringing the magic of the moon down to Earth for your enjoyment.

    An Exceptional Gift

    Why get that someone special the same old basket of pamper nonsense, when you can quite literally light up their life? Just as Jim Carrey brought to moon down for Jennifer Aniston, we’re doing the same for you or a special someone. Although, unlike Jim, we won’t cause a tsunami.

    Why The Levitating Moon Lamp?

    • It works with advanced technology
    • It takes 26 hours to make (just one…) using sophisticated 3D printing technology
    • Its design is patented and made in-line with authentic NASA satellite imagery
    • Its surface and craters are strikingly like the real thing
    • It charges wirelessly, meaning no more frustrating cables
    • Easily turn the inner LED lamp on or off in a flash

    GalaxyLamps’ Levitating Moon Lamp proves you don’t need to be a NASA astronaut to fly to the moon (or endure the travel sickness).



    Sadly, there are certain websites out there claiming to offer replicated versions of our original moon lamp. While you’ll probably get one for a quarter of the price with those guys, you’ll also get a quarter of the quality and lifespan, if that much. Poor-quality replicas are notorious for breaking after the very first use. If you’re going to spend on something of this nature, rather buy an AUTHENTIC original version that guarantees value for your money.

    Remember - GalaxyLamps.Co is the ONLY authentic manufacturer and distributor of the original Levitating Moon Lamp. Bring the magic of the moon into your home, or give a friend a remarkable gift. STOCK IS LIMITED - avoid disappointment by bagging your Levitating Moon from GalaxyLamps right now!