Levitating moon lamp

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      Technical Specifications

      • Lifespan: 50000 hours.
      • Adapter input: AC100-240V
      • Adapter output: DC 12V 1.5A
      • Input power: 12W
      • Lamp Power: 3W
      • Diameter: 14cm or 18cm(5.5in or 7.08in)
      • Circumference: 35cm (14in)
      • Size: 13.4 * 13.4 * 2.8cm (5in* 5in* 1.1in)
          Levitating Moon Lamp | Must Have Stuff
          Levitation meets enlightenment

          Divine, charming, mysterious. The moon is a timeless symbol often associated with wonder and romance. Luna is an exact miniature replica of the moon, allowing you to contemplate this enchanting celestial body any day of the year. Calming and relaxing, Luna rotates 360 degrees and floats freely in the air.

          Levitates and Spins Silently All Day & Night
          Thanks to the latest levitation technology, the moon can levitate and rotate in the air at all times and can continuously rotate or stay in one position, you decide!

          This Awesome Floating Moon Lamp Lets You Literally Give Someone ...
          High Resolution 3D Printing Technology

           Each LUNA takes more than 28 hours to manufacture using state-of-the-art printing technology. Our proprietary design is made in accordance with NASA satellite images to accurately produce the actual surface and craters of the moon.

          3D Levitating Floating Moon Light Lamp
          Create your own moon
          LUNA creates an atmosphere like no other. The brightness and color of the light change to suit each scene. Easily control lighting with its touch-activated on / off switch.
          Moon Lamp - Night Light GIF by Vinegret | GfycatEnergy saving and low power consumption
          LUNA uses energy efficient LEDs and has a wireless power module that is capable of transmitting enough power to fully power the bulb. There is no need to worry that your electricity bill will skyrocket even with daily use.
          3D Printed Moon Light Lamp W/Wood Stand - Inspire Uplift
          How does it work??
          1. Inside the wooden base there are two things, you will find that there is a series of electromagnets and a magnetic induction charger.
          2. By lowering the moon onto the base, the outermost electromagnets serve to attract the base while the internal magnets create a repellent force. This is what holds the moon in place and causes it to move a few inches above the base.
          3. Now, once within range of the moon's base, the receiver can draw power from the charger block through magnetic induction.
          On and off

          You can turn your LUNA light on or off by simply tapping the power button on the surface of the wooden base. The light will turn on or off, without affecting levitation.
          Our sensitive touch sensor is where the magic happens. The LUNA switch feels smooth and effortless, like touching wood.

          How to levitate?

          Operating levitating devices requires a lot of patience and practice at first. If this is your first time using magnetic levitation products, you may need to try several times before you succeed. However, once you get it, it will be easier!

          STEP 1:

          • Place the base on a flat non-ferrous surface and turn on the power by connecting the cable to the base and plugging the adapter into your electrical outlet.

          STEP 2:
          Hold your LUNA with both hands. Start from the center, about 10 cm above the base, and slowly lower your hands until you are about 2 cm above the base. You will feel an upward repulsive force from the base ..

          STEP 3:
          Once you feel like you are almost balanced in midair (without falling or being pushed up), slowly loosen your grip. If it ends up being sucked to the base, pick it up and restart from step 2 again. Otherwise great job, you have to levitate!