What is the Top Best Ring Lights for iPhone

What is the Top Best Ring Lights for iPhone

Ring fill lights are becoming more and more popular in live streaming today. The LED ring light shines on the face with soft and even light. Even in a very dim light environment, it can make you look beautiful. You don't have to worry about uneven light when you make up. And what kind of ring light do you need?


How to Choose the Best Selfie Ring Light for iPhone 2020

1. Color Temperature Selection

    When purchasing a ring lamp for live streaming, color temperature selection is also one of the important considerations. Ring lights have a single-color temperature standard of 5600k, and most have dual color temperature functions. The color temperature can be adjusted between 3200k-5600k to increase the versatility of the ring light in use.


    Users only need to press the button to easily switch between different color temperatures for your live studio and create more creative photographic works. The photography led ring light from Ohotter can support 3 model of color temperature and 30 kinds of light brightness switch. No matter what the live studio, you can find the most suitable color temperature and brightness for you.


    2. Heat Dissipation

      The heat dissipation function of the ring light is a key reason related to the service life of it. The bulb will generate a lot of heat when it is working, and the heat will not be released in time. The overheating temperature will reduce the overall life of the ring lamp.


      Ohotter ring lights use LED bulbs, green and pollution-free, with low heat generation and long life. ABS material with excellent heat dissipation is used as the shell, and many cooling holes are designed on the back of the ring light. The service life can reach more than 25000h.


      3. LED Lamp Beads of Ring Light

        The greater the number of LED beads, the greater the brightness and power. Ohotter tri-color ring fill light, this lamp uses 120 highlight led bulbs, power is only 8W. Therefore, when buying a ring light, you must pay attention to the number and power of the LED Beads.


        4. Compatible with More Accessories

          To meet more shooting needs, the process may require different photography accessories, and it also has a built-in camera tripod, eliminating the need to purchase a tripod separately. The ring light for photography is designed with a universal expansion screw, which can be used to fix accessories such as makeup mirrors, mobile phones, SLR cameras, etc.


          This ring light two tripods and mobile phone holder, you can freely adjust the position of the ring light and the phone to achieve the best lighting effect. A variety of ring lights meet all your live broadcast needs. If you have any difficulties in assembling the tripod and phone holder, please feel free to let me know.



          1. Higher Color Rendering Index

          The color rendering index (CRI) refers to the characteristics of different colors when different light sources are illuminated on the same color object. The higher the color rendering index, the higher the degree of color reduction of the light. The bright patch LED adopted by the Ohotter ring light not only has high brightness, but the color rendering index can reach CRI≥92, which can truly restore the color.


          6. Support remote control

            The professional ring light for photography supports wireless remote control is a very practical design. In actual shooting, multiple lights are usually required to match the lighting. Ohotter photography lights are equipped with wireless remote control, which can remotely control the brightness and color temperature of each ring light, greatly improving the photographer's work efficiency.


            7. Size

              This is a factor to consider when buying a ring light, as it depends on the materials of the ring light. Shooting can involve long trips, so it's recommended to buy smaller, lighter ring lights. They are very portable.


              Why Choose LED Ring Light from OHotter?

              The biggest role of the LED ring light for live streaming is not only to fill the light, but also to create a sharper face contour.


              The ring light makes your video look more professional, because it makes the video's theme more prominent, without glare light or shadow. The uniform and diffusely reflected light produced by the ring light will immediately make the object look more attractive and attractive.


              A camera or smartphone is mounted in a hollow circle of the ring light, and this is how the camera is surrounded by enough light to shoot great videos.


              If you want to improve video quality in live studio, you should consider using a ring light with tripod and phone holder. It makes your videos to look like professional videos.


              If you have budget constraints and want us to offer the best ring light for your Phone, the above options will cost you less than $30.

              The Bottom Line:

              The above are the tips to help you choose the best led ring light for mobile phones, which can be used as a reference when purchasing photography lights. The above best selfie ring light for iphone 2020 are small in size but provide the function of professional shooting and beautify live video, which are the best choice for personal live studio ring lights.


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