What is the Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids 2019

What is the Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids 2019

As a parent, I want to provide my child with the best protection to keep his teeth, to avoid dental problems. However, children may be reluctant to spend time or use appropriate methods to brush their teeth. Therefore, we provide you with electric U-shaped children toothbrush specially designed for children.

best electric toothbrush for kids

Choose the best kids’ electric toothbrush

All children's toothbrushes should have very soft bristles and be gentle for gums. At the same time, how to use a toothbrush to solve the children hate brushing teeth? You need this U-shape electric children's toothbrush.

What age can a child use an electric toothbrush?

This U-shaped toothbrush designed for children 3-12 years old is divided into three parts: U-shaped brush head, smart base and wireless charger. The working method is to use the nearly 18000-30000Hz vibration generated by the magnetic suspension motor in the base. The energy is transferred to the brush head position.

The energy of the U-shaped brush head is distributed in a balanced manner, and a good brushing effect is obtained. Compared with the traditional Pap brushing method, 120 seconds total brushing time to calculate the actual surface brushing time of each tooth is only 1.25 seconds. This toothbrush guarantees 10 seconds brushing time on each side of the tooth.

Because the detachable design concept is used between the charging base and the braces, the base can easily achieve reuse functions. With different color styles of brush head, it brings freshness to children every day. Its unique and cute shape meets the children's psychology of fun and makes a pleasure with brushing their teeth.

different color styles brush head 

This electric toothbrush for kids is fun and remove more plaque than regular toothbrushes and make brushing easier.

How to use an electric toothbrush for children?

use electric toothbrush for children

Easy to use:

OHotter U-shaped toothbrush creative design for kids,

Does not require any brushing skills,

Add toothpaste to the groove of the brush head,

Put it in your mouth and press the switch,

Shake inadvertently,

For complete oral and dental cleaning.


Comprehensive Cleaning:

U-shaped brush head saves time,

Wrapped teeth for 360° full cleaning,

Kill 99% of bacteria inside the mouth with ultrasonic vibration technology,

It only takes 30 seconds to achieve the cleaning effect of ordinary toothbrush for 4 minutes.


Adjustable Mode: 

3-speed brushing mode:Standard,Brushing and Sensitive gum care



Toothbrush uses soft silicone brush head,

Colorless, odorless, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, etc.

The material is the same as the baby pacifier,

Massage brushing is clean and safe.


Waterproof Design:

Body adopts multiple injection molding process,

Sealed connection of different parts,

The toothbrush body reaches IPX7 waterproof level,

Does not damage the inside of the body even if immersed in water.


Wireless Charging:

Charge your toothbrush on the matching charging base,

Red light flashes while charging,

Can be used for more than a week on once charge, energy saving and environmental protection.

wireless charging 

No matter how old your child is, your child's toothbrush should fit comfortably in their mouth and be easy to hold and operate. This children's U-shaped toothbrush can clean children's teeth well without harming gums. The best electric toothbrush for 12 years old, the cute appearance and cheerful music make children feel the joy of using it.


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