What are the Best Hand Warmers 2019

What are the Best Hand Warmers 2019

The hand warmer power bank is a mobile power source that can be used as a hand warmer. It is based on the mobile power bank built-in heating element and thermal material, which becomes a 2-in-1 electric hand warmers rechargeable.


Part 1: How to use the best rechargeable hand warmers 2019?

Rechargeable Hand Warmer and Power Bank is almost the same size as the palm of your hand. It is a cobblestone or macaron shape. It is small and portable, and it is suitable for carrying it in your pocket. The battery capacity of the hand warmer mobile power supply is not large, generally around 4000mAh. Therefore, the hand warmer mobile power bank is more suitable for charging the mobile phone in an emergency, and can also use as a hand warmer.


Part 2: Christmas Theme Hand Warmer & Charger for Phone

1. Built-in smart chip for full intelligent control.

2. Christmas creative and stylish shape, additional heating hand warmer. It can keep warm anytime and anywhere in the cold winter, and Because it is small, it will not cause any burden to travel.

Charge your phone anytime, anywhere, warm hands and intimate, as a Christmas gift send the warm for your lover.

3. EXQUISITE COMFORT: Made of high-tech aircraft-grade aluminum and ABS material, thousands of polished exterior materials, smooth and warm, portable and compact as well anti-skid in one hand.

4. FAST HEATING & 2 LEVELS: Press the switch and 2 level adjustable temperature. Rapidly warm-up double sides in seconds. 2 levels of temperatures 113°F-122°F (Blue Light)/131°F-140°F (Red Light) at your choice.



1) Connect the USB port of the data cable to the mobile power bank output port.

2) Connect the charging interface that matches the other end of the connected data cable to a mobile phone.

3) Tap the power bank switch for 1.5 seconds to turn it on.

4) After the mobile phone is fully charged, turn off the power switch and remove the data cable.

Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the hand warmer. When it is heated to the temperature set by the system, it will automatically power off. After the power is off, the temperature can be kept for a long time, so even if it is used by your child, don't worry about any dangers.


Part 3: Hand Warmer Power Safe

Hand warmers use ABS plastic with heat-resistant and explosion-proof as the mobile power supply casing, and use aluminum alloy materials with uniform heat and stability as heating materials.


Temperature Control:

In terms of temperature control, the 2 in 1 Chargeable Hand Warmer Power Bank will control the heat through the heat chip management, and the temperature will be controlled between 40-60 ℃ to avoid the temperature being too high.

When using the wall socket for charging, try to use the power adapter that comes with the hand warmer, so as to avoid the safety problem caused by the current output not match the current of the hand warmers & power banks.

Hand Warmer will stop heating when the mobile power reaches the maximum temperature, and then re-opens when the temperature is lower than the maximum temperature, ensuring the safety of the hand warmer.


Tips and Advice for hand warmer:

When you have not used hand warmer for a long time, please charge it once every three months. Please fully charge the product before storing it. Keep hand warmer dry, away from humid environments and corrosive materials.


Part 4: Where to Buy Rechargeable Christmas Theme Hand Warmers

At ohotter.com Only $29.99, You can send your family a hand warmer with exquisite packaging Christmas gift. It has a very good meaning. In the winter, give warmth to your lover. I wish he/she receive gifts can feel the sincere feelings from you.


The Bottom Line:

2 in 1 Detachable Hand Warmer and Power Bank is a perfect product in winter. Christmas gifts for family and friends, hand warmer for gifts is the best choice. In addition to the charge your phone, there is a new function of heating, sharing the warmth of winter with family and friends.


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