Tips for Selfie Lights and Add-on lens Choosing

Selfie light & Add-On lens

Nowadays of the rise of the selfie. Even the camera function of smartphones is getting better, still, no way to compare with professional cameras in terms of format and other specifications. To satisfy general consumer demand for Selfie. Add-on lens has been created to the convenience of carrying.

For users who like selfie and live broadcast, it should be prevalent to see the overall picture is not satisfactory because of the environmental light source.
A good light source can make the facial features more three-dimensional, and the effect will be better. Even though we still have the prices and functions vary massively issue need to convert.

Here are some tips that help you to make choices on add-lens and light.


Selfie Lights:

  • Choose a product with a large number of LED lights.

    Generally, the more the number of LED lights, the brighter the brightness,
    so it is recommended to choose a product with more LED lights.
    If the bulb is small, choose with more than 20 bulbs. Else, it is enough to buy more than ten bulbs.

    • Select a product whose brightness can be adjusted.

    The conditions of each shooting environment are different. If the light source is too bright, there will be overexposure, and it is impossible to take a good photo. Therefore, it is ideal to choose a product that can control the brightness.

    • Make choices through the power supply.

    According to the power supply mode, it is mainly divided into USB charging or built-in dry battery and headphone jack to supply power. As long as you can capture the characteristics of each product, you can find the most suitable light for your operation.

    Add-on lens:

    • Select the appropriate lens focal length according to the subject of the shot
    1. The subject is usually based on 4 types. The wide-angle lens is suitable for selfie and group photos.
    2. Ideal for shooting telescope heads of distant objects or birds and Airplanes.
    3. Create a fisheye lens with impressive special effects.
    4. Macro lens ideal for taking food and close-up tiny objects.

    Most self-timer lenses are based on wide-angle lenses. In this article, only the first option we will describe. The magnification of the wide-angle external lens of the mobile phone is mostly 0.6 or 0.4 times, and sometimes the angle is used to indicate that the lower the multiple, the larger the range of the product can be photographed.

    If you often need to take a group photo of a huge number of people, or if you want to get more background into the shooting range during a selfie, you should choose an external lens with a low multiple.

    However, it should be noted that the wider the angle of the lens, the more likely it is to be deformed, so it is better to use the sample image that is used or referenced before purchase.

    • Pay attention to whether there will be a vignetting angle when using.

    "Vignetting" refers to the range in which the lens structure blocks the imaging of the camera, causing the surroundings to be darker when composing.

    Even the black situation is generated. It is recommended to confirm the caliber of the external lens of the mobile phone. The larger the aperture, the lower the chance of vignetting.

    • Confirm the accessories and prices attached to the product.

    In addition to some lens groups will have the details of the lens, there are other accessories such as cleaning supplies and protective cases and protective covers for carrying. If the glass is dirty or scratched, it will affect the image quality.

    Therefore, the cleaning cloth, the alcohol and the glowing ball, and the carrying bag and the carrying case for protecting the lens are also items to be considered.


    Most of the products on the market are a combination of several lens combinations. If you want to buy a mobile phone external lens and selfie light. Instead of buying a single lens at a high price from the beginning, it is recommended to buy an all-in-one lens group with a moderate rate!
    Enjoy the fun of taking professional photos with your mobile phone!

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