The Best 3D Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp

If you are preparing for the coming Christmas or new year present, then this article can help you. Want to surprise children with unique gifts? Of course, the atmosphere of Christmas must be brought by light, the best levitating moon lamp floating light that emits relaxing and romantic lights at night. As a birthday or Christmas gift, it has received numerous praises.


Moon Light uses LED bulbs, it is more than just a ball. In order to simulate the brightness difference on the surface of the moon, the Moon Light has an uneven surface design, which gives it a more technological sense. This product satisfies aerospace enthusiasts' wish to "take the moon home".

  easy levitating moon lamp

The lighting of Moon Light is absolutely amazing. The entire "ball" is suspended in the air, accompanied by a slow rotation.

After turning on the levitating moon lamp, the light penetrates the surface of different thickness, forming a very real look of the moon! There should also be a lot of thought in the design. After all, the real moon is reflective, and the lunar lamp is self-luminous. The principle is different, and special design is required for the unevenness of the surface. The uneven surface is now under led light, which simulates the different brightness of the moon surface.


In order to hanging steadily, the R&D team chose a powerful magnet to increase the stability of the suspension. It also effectively increases the ease of control of the suspension. At the same time, in order to ensure the Moon Lighting, all controls and charging ports are designed at the bottom.


OHOTTER Levitating Moon Lamp

OHOTTER Christmas gift lights are available in 2 different sizes 14cm, 18cm. Each magnetic levitating moon lamp can be adjusted to warm yellow or natural white. If you need more other sizes, we can customize it for you. Intimate customized gifts, friends who receive gifts will feel more happiness.

 levitating moon lamp size 

Package includes: 3D Magnetic Levitating Moon Light, wooden base, adapter, manual. In addition, there are many cushioning foams to ensure that the gift you are expecting will not be damaged during transportation.


How Does Levitating Moon Lamp Work?

Power on the base, adjust the moon lamp, hold it in your hand, move it to the base, and adjust the position by feeling the force of the magnetic levitation, and then let go. If this is your first time using a magnetic levitation product, it may take a few tries to succeed. However, getting familiar with it makes everything easier.

 floating moon 

The moonlight will automatically light up, suitable for adjusting the atmosphere and lighting when looking at the phone before going to bed. It is not enough to be used as a table lamp for reading and writing. The light-emitting device can be turned on or off by touching the button on the base.


Why Choose OHOTTER 3D Moon Lights as Christmas Gifts?

Multiple colors - In each light-you can switch between white light and yellow light at the touch of a button.

Wireless - 100% wireless suspension, this moon the lamp is guaranteed to provide you with a simple, stress-free experience.

Dimmable - Whether you are looking for a light that can illuminate the room, or a relaxing night light, this moonlight will be your ideal choice.

Safe material suitable for children - LED lunar light has low heat and is 100% safe material.

 ohotter 3d moon lamp 

Questions & Answers of 3D Printing Magnetic Levitation Moon Light

Can I charge the moon lamp?

Answer: This Lamp is Not rechargeable. This is where the power is plugged in. The moon part is magnetic and can be controlled with the bottom of the lamp.


How does the moon float?

Answer: The base is connected to the power source. Electric current flows through a coil located at the base, which forms a magnetic field. The moon is made of plastic with a magnet inside. The moon's magnet makes it float in the presence of a magnetic field at the bottom.


Can the speed be adjusted without touching it?

A thrust is needed to push the moon, otherwise it will stop spinning at some point.


3D Printed Galaxy Moon Lamp 16 Colors

More people like to use 3D printed lights to illuminate the room, rather than the traditional lighting methods before. Having this unique 3d galaxy lamp in your home can set an unparalleled atmosphere for their home. It can also create as a children's NASA paradise.

 16 colors moon lamp 

Why Buy the Best Galaxy Lamps?

Meet the Galaxy Lamp, a meticulously gift beauty designed with high-quality NASA satellite imagery. Its rough surface is reminiscent of a star in the night sky, with incredible details that are guaranteed to catch everyone's eye.


A rechargeable battery keeps the magic going for up to 10 hours straight (with just one hour of charge time).


It's kid and pet friendly (LED lights produce almost no heat, no worries for curious kids). The Galaxy Lamp is also surprisingly relaxing. Pair it with calm music, turn on and feel the stress of the day disappear.

galaxy lamp remote control

Take control of your Galaxy Lamp from the palm of your hand, adjusting brightness and colors patterns in seconds.



Product Weight: 399g

Battery Type: rechargeable lithium polymer battery

Product Material: PLA

Included Includes: 1*3D Moon Light, 1*Remote Control, 1*USB Charging Cable, 1*Wooden Stand, Manual

Voltage: 5V

Application: garden lamp, bedroom table lamp, living room night lamp

Device Function: impact resistance, dimmable, remote control, 3D printing, USB rechargeable battery

Plastic Diameter of Lampshade: 8cm or 15cm

Light Brightness: Adjustable

Bulb Type: LED

Light Colors: 16 colors


The 3D magnetic levitation moon light uses LED bulbs with low energy consumption. We can guarantee that the material from which is 100% safe and non-toxic. Moon Lamp can provide perfect gifts for children and friends. The moon is always regarded as a symbol of romance and love. Use this charming magnetic levitation led moon lamp, calm artwork to create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere.


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