How to Play a Gyro as a Toy?

How to Play a Gyro as a Toy?

Flying gyro spinner, also known as Finger Spinner. It is a toy the size of a pocket and it is called a mini drone. Gyro flying spinner toy is an outdoor fingertip toy suitable for young people.


Part 1: Gyro flying spinner can be used for:

Relieve stress

Prevent kids from becoming addicted to electronic games

Some flying toys are too difficult to operate

Promote parent-child outdoor games

Spend great outdoor time with children



Part 2: How to play with a FlyNova?

Fingertip gyro is divided into bearing and skeleton. Bearing materials are divided into plastic, brass, iron, jade, etc., the skeleton is even more varied, there are plastic, brass, aluminum alloy, etc., with different shapes.

The shaft of the fingertip gyro is the core, the better the bearing, the longer the rotation.


There are many ways to play the flynova flying spinner:

Multiple ways to play: Throw upwards, which rotates around an axis perpendicular to the of flight, and is as safe as a dart and returns to you. Throw down and it will smoothly move straight. The distance travelled depends on your throwing strength.



Tilt upward 30° to push forward and release the aircraft, he will cycle and return.

Low-altitude play

When the device is turned on, the aircraft is released horizontally and he will float forward or fall.

Dive play

Turn on the light, tilt it down 30° horizontally and release the aircraft, he will fly in the dive.

Floating game

In the plane mulberry, when the aircraft chooses to release the finger, she will slowly rise in the air.

Fingertip spinner:

When you are stressed or irritable, the index finger holds the bearing and the other hand is turned, and it can be placed vertically and horizontally. You can also use one hand, forefinger and thumb to pinch the bearing, and the middle finger is stuck in the depression to spin. During the rotation, first try to hold it with only one finger, and then you can change fingers in turn.


Mini Drone Quad Induction Levitation UFO

FlyNova is powered by an on-board gyroscope motor, make it spin like magic.

Easily get started with FlyNova. It looks like magic, but all you have to do is spin it and fly! The tiny internal motor gives it the ability to perform crazy tricks. Different throwing speeds and angles allow different flight paths, skills and high-speed manoeuvres.


How to Start FlyNova?

  1. Turn on the power button, hold the centre shaft and rotate the wheel to start FlyNova.
  2. All you have to do is spin it up and throw it!
  3. Throw FlyNova up and rotate it around an axis perpendicular to the direction of flight, then return as predictably safe as a boomerang.
  4. You can grab it and throw it out again. After a few exercises, you will soon be flying skills.
  5. If you want to stop playback, just grab FlyNova and stop spinning. Simple and safe, the closed roller design protects your hands while spinning.
  6. Throw FlyNova down and it will move smoothly in a straight line. The distance travelled depends on your throwing strength.
  7. This unique feature of FlyNova is perfect for solo or team skills competitions.

It is designed for indoor and outdoor playing, with a smooth flight mode and an affective transmission. It's the perfect backyard sporting, and it can also be easily used indoors. Use at home, school or office.


The propeller is located inside the bracket. Don't worry about young children damage the propellers. The cheap flynova flying spinner price is the best gift for kids drone beginners. It is also the most suitable toy for boys and girls.


Mini drone induction levitation UFO

Package Included:


1*USB power cable

1*instruction manual


Product Parameters:

Product size: 8 * 4cm

Control method: aerodynamic

Applicable age: 13Y +

Material: PP

Charging method: USB

Charging time: 15 MIN

Battery capacity 100 mAh

Colour: Black, Red, Blue


The FlyNova is the perfect gift for your friends and family. Prepare the most fun outdoor toys for the upcoming summer. Entire body, mind exercise and fun flying activities add fun to leisure activities. The above flynova flying spinner review can help you pick the best flying gyro spinner.


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