How to Choose the Best Resistance Bands 2020

Because the resistance band is light, easy to carry and convenient to use, the resistance band is widely used in the fitness for strength training for men, slimming programs for women, and child growth training. There are some tips for buying the best resistance bands for building.

 resistance bands for building 

Compared with heavy fitness equipment (dumbbells, barbells, and other equipment), resistance bands have very obvious advantages. It cannot replace heavy fitness equipment, but can complement each other well.

1) Exercise is not restricted by sports venues.

2) Portable, exercise at any time at home, office or outdoors.

3) The texture is soft, training 360°, and there is almost no pressure on the joints.

4) It can be used as both a main training tool and an auxiliary training tool.


Compared with traditional dumbbell, the resistance band can train the muscles you want to train more accurately, which is more suitable for fitness beginners.


Before training, you need to buy 1 or 2 lightweight resistance bands. The purchase of resistance bands is very important. You need to buy the right resistance band set to practice more properly.


There are many resistance bands are sold in groups, you may want to choose the strongest resistance band. But if you are a beginner, you need to start with the lightest resistance rope, because it can maintain the accuracy of your movements, and it is not easy to damage muscles. Practice using muscles to stretch the resistance band and increase the difficulty gradually.


What Type Resistance Band to Buy?

Looped Resistance Bands

The popular resistance bands for squats and leg (lower limb) training. The specifications vary from 10-60 cm.

 looped resistance bands 

Application: Rehabilitation, lower limb training, auxiliary training of strength exercises (for example, play an auxiliary role in advanced training of pull-ups).


Advantages: Closed loop, easy to wrap around the body and fixed objects, suitable for static or small amplitude movements.

Disadvantages: Because of its short length and relatively high resistance, the applicable is not as good as physiotherapy resistance band.


Fastener (Tubular) Resistance Band

The snaps at both ends of this elastic band can be combined with handles of various shapes. This feature makes the fastener resistance band become the choice of many professionals and enthusiasts. Length and strength can be selected.

tubular resistance band 

Application: rehabilitation, shaping, strength training, functional training.


Advantages: Training options and more even changes in resistance.

Disadvantages: Generally sold in groups according to different strengths, with many accessories and inconvenient to carry out.


How to Choose the Right Resistance Bands for Me?

A: Resistance bands can be purchased individually or in set, so when you start investing in a set that is still relatively cheap, this may be a good idea so you can determine the resistance you need. The strength of the band is probably indicated by its color, but you can also see and feel the difference in thickness and length, which affects the overall resistance. There are 5 levels of strength to meet your exercise needs.

The resistance of the resistance band needs to refer to the specific information of the product, and there is no standard for the time being. Beginners recommend buying 2 resistance bands with different resistances. The natural length is better to be more than 1.5 meters. When you enter training for greater strength, increase the number of resistance bands.

 resistance band pounds 


Regardless of the width and thickness of the elastic band, it is generally expressed in pounds (1 pound is about 0.45 kilograms). Women without basic fitness and general muscle strength can choose a stretch weight of about 15 pounds. Women with a certain fitness foundation and large muscle strength can choose a fitness band with a starting weight of about 25 pounds.



The more common resistance band length is 2.08 meters, and there are also products of various lengths such as 1.2m, 1.8m, and 2m.

The length of the resistance band should generally not exceed 2.5 meters. Because the resistance band above 2.5 meters, it will too long and not easy to use. In addition, it should not be less than 1.2m, otherwise it will be prone to excessive stretching and shorten the life of the resistance band.



According to the different shapes of resistance bands, there are three types of resistance bands: loop resistance bands, tubes and rope (cylindrical long rope). For yoga users, thin and wide resistance bands are more suitable. For users with various muscle-building and shaping, the tubes resistance band set is more flexible and easier to use. For power athlete with extremely high frequency of use, the solid and durable cylindrical rope (with fabric wrapped outside) resistance band is the best choice.

 rope heavy resistance band 

Resistance Loop Exercise Bands for Home

In terms of price, they are a good choice. Because you can get five bands with different resistances and a small handbag that can be put into it. They have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and a free instruction guide, including how to use the resistance band.

 resistance loop exercise bands 

Fitness Resistance Band Set

It creates a stackable design and a portable packaging bag for you to carry your tools for practicing tension and resistance.


What you get is five color-coded resistance bands, from 10 pounds~30 pounds. The effect is impressive. If you need more strength, you can use several combinations of resistance bands of different colors at the same time.


You will also get a door anchor, cushioned handle attachment and two ankle straps, which means you can use this complete set of equipment to exercise anytime, anywhere. It can also fix on object for indoor or outdoor training.

 fitness resistance band set 

This is a good product that can fit all fitness levels. They are inexpensive, easy to store and carry, and provide you with a quick and easy way to exercise at anywhere.

We also have a richer combination of resistance bands set: 22pc Resistance Bands Set


Finally, we will search for the needs of fitness people to provide all kinds of resistance bands suitable for various budget, so as to bring you a comprehensive and the best resistance bands for squats recommendation select.


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