How Effective are Resistance Bands?

The resistance band is a small exercise tool that is easy to carry, simple to use, and very effective. It has various colors to distinguish the strength of the resistance band. For many people who exercise regularly, the fitness band (also called the resistance band) may be the most overlooked one of the common exercise equipment. What are the advantages of resistance bands compared to strength exercises?

advantages of resistance bands 

What are the Benefits of Resistance Band Training

  1. Low Price & Easy to Carry

The fitness band is cheap and does not increase your fitness costs. Moreover, the resistance band is small in size, light in weight, flexible and easy to carry. When you can't go to the gym to train, you can easily put the resistance band in your bag or suitcase, whether you exercise office or at home, you can take it any time.


  1. Safety and Effectiveness

In addition to being cheap, it also has a higher safety. Because the resistance bands are soft, the risk of injury is reduced, and the effect is always improved together. The traditional resistance band is usually a long cylindrical tube with a plastic handle at the end. The resistance band set has different colored ropes and their diameters are different, which determines the difficulty of using the resistance band. This resistance band is more suitable for basic strength training.


  1. Free and Flexible Movement

It is very different from the traditional weight fitness equipment, the direction of resistance band exercise is more sensitive, multiple planes and free rotation, suitable for different strength exercises.


  1. Increasing Load

Increasing the load, movement speed and amplitude will affect the details of small muscle group exercise more.


Use Resistance Ropes for Leg Muscles Exercise

  1. Increase training changes. The resistance bands are high plasticity. You can add posture during training or add resistance band to the basic movements of strength training to increase the difficulty of training.
  2. Improve body balance. The elasticity of the resistance band allows the user to maintain coordination and balance during use to exercise physical stability.
  3. Muscle group training. Compared to equipment or exercise in the gym, the resistance band provides more accurate training, which can exercise a specific muscle group or small muscles that are difficult to exercise.
  4. Safer for muscle training. Because the resistance of the resistance band is very small, if you keep practicing, it is not only very effective, but also safer for muscles and joints.


resistance ropes- for leg exercise 

Tips for Using Resistance Bands:

  1. Security (Avoid sharp objects around)
  2. Practice rhythm and control
  3. The resistance rope should not face the face and eyes
  4. Do not exceed the elasticity scale
  5. Store in a dry and ventilated place to prevent exposure


How to Choose a Resistance Band?

There are many types of resistance, which can be used for strength training, stretching or rehabilitation. Therefore, your fitness goals will determine which resistance band is best for you.

1. Stretching and Flat Resistance Bands

The flat resistance band is the main tool for rehabilitation training and a popular physiotherapy training tool.The width of these flat resistance bands is usually about 120cm long and 15cm wide, without handles, open at both ends. 

Application: rehabilitation, shaping, upper limb function training, functional training.

 stretching flat resistance bands

2. Tubular Resistance Band with Handle

The tubular resistance band is made of hard, high-density rubber and is difficult to grasp. Therefore, they usually have handles for ease of use.

Some tubular resistance bands may also carry sport carabiner. This fastener type resistance band has become the choice of many professionals and enthusiasts.

Application: Rehabilitation, shaping, strength exercises, functional training, and with various levels of resistance, can meet all levels of fitness needs.

tubular resistance band 

3. Booty Resistance Bands

The endless belt is connected like a big rubber band into a complete circle. According to the different length and thickness of the endless belt, it is divided into two types: conventional size and mini belt. This resistance bands are best for leg exercises.

Applicable: rehabilitation, leg training, auxiliary training of strength exercises.

 booty resistance bands 

These are some of the key advantages and benefits of resistance bands for legs. By choosing the appropriate resistance band and training plan, you can see the effect beyond the dumbbell, kettlebell or other power tools without the negative impact for you.


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