The Best USB Ring Light for Laptop

USB LED ring light is powered by USB power supply, like usb charger, power bank, computer host, laptop computers, AC adapter, etc. It is android and iOS compatible. USB ring light consume a lot of power of laptops and tablets, so you’d better plug them into your PC or USB power adapter.

usb ring light

The Benefits of Ring Lights

A good ring light comes with filters and lighting settings. Warm filters are usually more natural and realistic than rough bright whites, but it really depends. In addition, many ring lights are dimmable. Take of this fact and use enough light to highlight the picture in the lens without hurting your eyes.

You can also experiment with angles and equipment. Try to put the phone or tablet on the holder in the center of the circle. Then, you can put the laptop in the place that suits you best while teaching without worrying about the camera angle.

Ohotter 10 Inches USB LED Ring Light

This 10 Inch ring light is powered by USB, which means that the 10-inch lamp is more convenient and easier to carry when going out. It can be directly connected to a laptop and the power bank can be used.

ohotter 10 inches usb ring light

If you buy a light to take photos of small items, or you want to go out and carry it easily. For example, when creating vlog outdoors to fill up the light, to fill up light for food, etc. or beauty live streaming (only the face is required to fill light), you can consider the usb 10-inch ring light. Because of its light weight, it is convenient to hold with one hand, the brightness is sufficient, and the power supply is convenient. This size is also very suitable for storing in a backpack after folding.

The larger ring light can accommodate more LED lamp beads, and the brightness and illumination range are larger. But ring lights of 14 inches or larger are equipped with a AC adapter as standard, which is better for indoor use and has higher brightness.

Video Conference Webcam Lighting Kit with Suction Cup

This computer camera lighting kit has adjustable lighting and color temperature, so you can make a lighting plan in the comfort of your home office.

webcam lighting kit with suction cup

Lighting Settings:

• Adjustable brightness: control the lighting within the brightness range of 1%~100% to obtain the ideal lighting for your settings.

• Adjustable color temperature: adjust from warm (orange) light to cool (white) light to obtain the ideal skin and match your environment

• Soft and professional light: the built-in frosted lens and additional white diffuser allow you to soften the light flexibly and obtain professional lighting.

Install the suction cup on a laptop, desktop screen or any flat surface.

USB Fill Light Power Supply: The built-in extended battery can provide hours of lighting. You can also plug the light into the USB port of your computer and run it with an external power source.

Webcam Lighting Set, Zoom Lighting with Clip

The compact clip-on lighting can be used whether it is connected to a desktop, laptop or even an iPhone.

Compared with the unstable and strong suction power, the small clip on the video conference lamp only needs to be fixed on the edge of the computer screen and will not loosen. Unlike the terrible tape, it is easy to remove. The clip can be conveniently used on the rear camera of the mobile phone to fill light during recording.

zoom lighting kit with clip

USB charging: Built-in 2000mAh large battery, the webcam lighting can run for 150 minutes at 100% brightness, and can run for 24 hours at 10% brightness. It supports USB port, and only needs 2.5 hours of charging time.

No matter where you create video blogs, chat and selfies, the desktop usb ring light can be assembled at any time and you can start working immediately. It won’t take up a lot of space while traveling, and you can use touch-sensitive controls to adjust the exact color temperature and brightness required for your project, so you can stand out and blend into your surroundings.

You can use smartphone as a camera because the ring light is equipped with a flexible phone arm. The included ball head allows you to choose to mount the illuminator on a desktop tripod so that you can take advantage of the ball head’s stability and precise focus function.

multiple scene


The usb ring light for laptop, which is an advantage because you don’t have to pack a power cord and bulky AC adapter, and you don’t have to look around for a plug. You can turn on the lights directly on your computer, laptop or tablet, so you can light up your chatting channel or video blogs almost anywhere.

If you only carry your smartphone, when you are ready to record or meeting, use a small power bank and to light up the ring light.

The best ring light kits (such as ring lights and key lights) can improve lighting quality to increase audience engagement and video quality. Invest usb ring light with tripod stand for your work and enjoy your ring light at any time. Customers like this ring light because it is efficient and reasonably priced and complete online video perfectly.

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The Best Small Ring Light for Desk

The Best Small Ring Light for Desk

The right lighting can make a huge difference to a work. It’s not just “looks good”, better lighting means your students can see your face more clearly. There are so many types of fill light, how to choose the best small ring light for table?

best small ring light

The ring light provides even enveloping light for selfies, videos and live streaming. For fighters working from home, the ring light can create better images for Zoom, Skype or FaceTime video conferences. When you make a good impression online, the correct lighting makes better. The perfect lighting is always more professional, and the best ring lights provide a simple and affordable solution.

This is very suitable for vloggers and anyone who has a YouTube channel. This is a very cost-effective way to produce well-lit video. Because you don’t have to buy softbox equipment or expensive cameras. Good lighting is important for all videos, especially when you want to do things like makeup tutorials.

10 Inch Desktop Ring Light with Tripod Stand and Phone Holder for YouTube Video/Live Stream

10 Inch Dimmable Ring Light for table: 120pcs LEDs design, 3200-5500K color temperature, the ring light with 3 colors light modes to switch and 10 adjustable brightness to choose, it can meet your various needs of lighting effects. It is more realistic to show the color of shooting objects.

With this ring light, you will look delicate and perfect in photo or video, widely used in portrait, live streaming, selfie photos, makeup, online teaching, shooting video, etc. Suitable for all the need to fill the light of the environment.

10 inch desktop ring light

Video Conference Lighting Kit with Clip, for Zoom Meetings

This 2500k-6500k dimmable LED lighting kit is easy to clip on a laptop, and you can talk anytime and anywhere, so no matter where you are, you will have high-quality professional lighting. If necessary, these 64 LED lights can be adjusted 360 degrees and are fixed, so they are suitable for all notebook computers. You can adjust the brightness and temperature of the colors according to your needs.

lighting kit with clip

Removable Clip, Easy to Set Up

The video conference lighting set comes with an improved, sturdy clip. It is easier to assemble and remove than traditional suction cups, making it more portable for everyday use. (Warning: The clip could not be attached to the iMac because the iMac has a curved surface.)

64 LED Video Light

This extremely bright laptop light, which is equipped with a continuously dimmable lighting mode, adjusts the light from 10% – 100% brightness, 2500K~6500K color temperature adjustable to get the perfect lighting under different conditions.

Working While Charging The built-in 2000 MAh battery provides 2.5 to 10 working hours, and the 1M charging cable allows you to work while charging.

more application scenarios

This fill lighting kit is very compact, less than half the size of a palm. It is very convenient to drop your bag and put it in your pocket when you go out. It is ultra-small, portable and easy to carry, so lighting on the go will not make you feel frustrated.

Video Conference Webcam Lighting Kit with Suction Cup for Photography, Zoom Meeting

This video lighting kit can attach to your laptop to illuminate your face without causing glare or distracting your eyes. The included tripod can also let you choose to place this webcam lighting kit on the table.

lighting kit with suction cup

It has a frosted filter and soft professional light, allowing you to adjust and soften the light according to your preferences. You can control the brightness between 1-100% and choose between orange and white according to the more pleasing color.

It includes a suction cup that can be easily installed on most computers. With a built-in extended battery, you can follow any mobile device to help you when you need it, and it also has the option to plug it into the computer’s USB port and use up the external power supply.

The Best Pocket Size Ring Light

For selfie lovers with limited budgets, you can grab this compact clip-on ring light, which has 36 LEDs and three brightness settings to help you achieve perfect photography. Even better, it has a rechargeable battery that can last at least a few hours per charge to ensure your next flash moment.

pocket ring light

Choosing the Small Ring Light for Online Video

Ring lights can be purchased directly, but there are tutorials on how to make your own DIY ring lights. However, please keep in mind that if you want to make a constant ring light for video, usually this is a more challenging task because you need to double check the bulb type and get the correct materials to make sure your DIY ring light is safe repeated and long-term use.

These small ring lights are actually the epitome of large ring lights. You can clip to your mobile device and take it with you.

Brightness Adjustment

After adjusting the brightness and clip them onto the device, the Selfie Small Ring Light is simple and easy to use. There is only one button on the back to turn on and off these continuous lights without flicker. You can choose from three different brightness settings by clicking the same button.

LED Bulbs

These mini ring lights consist of 49 or 64 individual LED bulbs. The design and circular shape of the ring light evenly spreads and disperses the light emitted by a single bulb, making it an ideal choice for most photography scene.

Color Temperature

The color temperature can be adjusted to suit the mood and set the desired image hue. 2500k~6400K natural daylight settings. This brightness level will help you capture true and accurate natural color images.

How to Use a Small Ring Light

After preparing the subject, just place the ring light in front of the camera. Whether you are using a mobile computer lens or a more professional camera, please make sure that you can get uniform lighting every time. Use a clip or tripod to fix the camera and fix it in place.

small ring light

That’s it, if you buy a low-quality fill light, you will not complete a high-quality video. The above options are the products that we select the most highly rated by customers. Any one of the three ring lights we choose is the best small ring light for camera zoom meetings or your favorite video conferencing applications.

How to Create Ring Light at Home 2021

The ring light is exactly what you need to enjoy better photos or clearer videos. Whether you want to manage your business or just be interested in art, ring lights can really make a difference. If you want to upgrade photos and videos, you only need the ring light. But since budget is usually a challenge. This article is about how to make a ring light to help you create the cheapest ring light.

Buy Ring Light with Stand online at Best Price

If you want to take pictures with no shadows and uniform light, especially in low light conditions, the ring light is one of the best investments you can make. Ring lights can be purchased directly, and the price of ring lights may vary, depending on the size and features they provide. You can find the price between 20 and 150 US dollars on the Ohotter top ring light brand website.

Easy Makeup DIY Ring Light

You can easily make a suitable ring lamp using materials with a total cost of less than $20. If you want to use special materials, you can spend up to $30 or more.

Easy Makeup DIY Ring Light for Beginners

The Easiest DIY Ring Light to Make for Less Than $20

You will need:

LED Light Strip + Controller

Harder materials that can fix the shape or transparent water pipes

Scotch Tape (optional)

These items can be found in almost any home store and cost less.

Easy DIY Ring Light

Method of Cardboard:

1. Use a material or cardboard with sufficient hardness to cut the coil with scissors.

2. LED light bar should depend on the size of your future ring light.

3. Determine the size of the ring light by drawing a circle, and then measure the unfolded circle. 4. Fix the LED strip to the round cardboard and fix it with tape.

Method of Plastic Drain Hose:

1. The above coil materials can also be replaced with transparent plastic water pipes.

2. The folded LED stripes are introduced into the plastic drain hose. You must make sure that the length of the LED strip is the same as the length of the drain hose so that no black spots are left on the ring light.

3. Fix the LED strip in the drain hose with the help of white tape. Then I made the drain hose into a circle and fixed the phone holder base with some adhesive. I chose self-mixing instant epoxy resin.

4. After fixing the circle, turn on the LED light string, hang the light on the camera, and then take a picture.

Depending on your creativity and material of choice, making DIY ring lights may be different. It takes about an hour to several hours.

Choose the right LED string

The power and size of the ring lights are different. If you want to see visible captured light on the subject’s eyes, you need a larger ring light. However, if you want to take a lot of close-up photos, a smaller ring light will give you the same effect. It is usually best to have a dimmer. You will be able to easily adjust the power according to the distance between the ring light and the main body.

Even if you decide to use colored light to create more interesting colors, you still need natural default colors. Ring lights usually work best under fluorescent lights, warm or even pure white lights, rather than warm yellow.

How to Use the Ring Light for Photography and Video

After preparing the subject, just place the ring light in front of the camera. Whether you are using a camera phone or a more professional camera, make sure that the lens is correctly positioned in the center of the lens so that you can get uniform illumination on the subject every time. Use a clip or tripod to fix the camera and fix it in place.

You need to pay so much energy and cost to make your own ring light at home, although there is infinite fun in it. But you can also choose to buy a selfie ring light kit from the trusted ring light brand Ohotter, which generally more than US$20.

The Bottom Line:

This is one of the easiest DIY ring light for phone. It can provide good results. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap and simple ring lighting solution to make at home, you can try it. It can not only provide better effect for your photographic works, but also increase the fun of hands-on creation.

Ohotter LED Selfie Light with Tripod Stand

Photography ring lights seem to be everywhere. You can choose dozens of products from dozens of companies, and they are popular among photographers, makeup artists, and social media KOL. LED ring light is a circular ring light with a large aperture, intended to be placed in front of the object. Then, take an image by placing the camera in the hole of the selfie ring light with tripod stand. The front lighting can provide uniformly illuminated images. This is one of the things you like or hate, but photographers tend to really like it.

ohotter led selfie light

Why Choose Ohotter Brand Ring Lights


The higher the lumens, the stronger the light and the more accurate the color. This is important if you are going to do a lot of image color.

The Ohotter ring light has a dimmer, which can provide 3 modes of light and 10 brightness settings.

Adjustable Color Temperature

Do you want warm lighting? Or do you like to stay cool? Some ring lights have color temperature dimmers or capture filters, which you can place on top of the ring lights to make photos and videos look warmer or colder. And these, the color temperature of the Ohotter ring light is between 3200 and 5600K. This style of light is an excellent choice for shooting portraits or videos, conducting live streaming, getting fascinating selfies, and shooting makeup videos.

adjustable color temperature

High Color Rendering Index

Look for ring lights with CRI values greater than 90 or even 95 in Ohotter, real color display, perfect video effect.

You use OHotter LED ring lights without worrying about overheating or running out of battery power. You can keep them continuously lit and adjust brightness and color temperature during using.

Do you want an LED ring light that can be used with a camera or smartphone?

LED Desktop Selfie Ring Light

YouTubers and beauty bloggers may prefer desktop ring lights. When buying LED ring lights for makeup, LED ring lights with a small desktop tripods stand are a good choice. The ring light has a desktop stand and a dimmable LED bulb.

ohotter desktop selfie ring light

You can even find ring lights specially designed for selfies that can be clipped to your smartphone. These are the affordable and most portable options.

This is the best clip-on LED light kit for video chat

Whether it is work or chatting with friends and family, many of us use video chat. The LED ring light clipped to a laptop is a great way to illuminate your face for a professional look during video calls.

clip on lighting kit

This LED Streaming Lighting Kit with Clip for video chat. It can be clipped to the top of a laptop and provides a pleasing uniform light in three color temperatures (white light, warm light and natural light). It has 64 LED lamp beads and adjustable brightness. It is powered by USB and easy to carry. This Clip-on Streaming Lighting Kit can greatly improve the quality of online video.

How to Use Ring Lights for Videos

The ring light is installed on a tripod, usually directly in front of the substance. Then place the camera in a blank area in the ring. Usually, the ring light will be used to take close or medium shots of the subject.

use ring light for video

If you have a particularly powerful ring light and your walls are painted white, try turning the ring light around and bounce off the walls and ceiling. Although you may need some other light sources in the room, this will produce softer light.

Ohotter the best LED selfie ring lightis easy to use, provides a variety of brightness settings, and uniform illumination of the subject. They can also reduce the appearance of unnecessary shadows, emphasize details, and even create certain color effects. Please believe that it can help you create perfect works well. If you have more information you want to know, please leave a message below or subscribe us.

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