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Where Can I Buy a Ring Light

As TikTok and YouTube live become more and more popular, streaming video is a great way to publish your content. Most cameras and mobile phones have insufficient lighting, and some of the best and most affordable ring lights you can buy enhance video quality to increase your likes, subscribers, and followers. Where to buy affordable ring light?

affordable ring light

What’s the Purpose of a Ring Light?

1. If you buy a ring light to take photos of small items (the size of the item is less than or equal to half a piece of A4 paper) or you want to go out and carry it easily (such as taking photos of vlog outdoors to fill light, shooting food dishes, etc.), or make beauty livestreaming at home (only need to fill light to the face), you can consider a 10-inch ring lamp. It can be easily put into the backpack after it is disassembled. Because of its light weight, it is convenient to hold with one hand.

2. If you want to take pictures larger items, or selfie at home, mainly fill up the half body and have a great need for brightness, you can consider buying a 14-inch or 18-inch lamp with a floor tripod stand. If you want two people to record a video together, you need a larger and brighter light, and it is best to use a combination of multiple lights.

purpose of a ring light

How to Buy ring light near me?

These LED ring lights provide perfect lighting every time. Amazon reviewer are full of praise for LED ring light. You can adjust the color temperature through the button or remote control, and even adjust to the smallest details without using color filters.

Although ring lights can be purchased from traditional retailers such as Bestbuy and Walmart, they can also be purchased through Amazon and Urban Outfitters. Search by keywords, you can see 10-inch, 12-inch, 14-inch, 18-inch LED and RGB ring lights of various sizes and functions.

OHOTTER Fill Light

Online E-commerce website like OHOTTER will be very convenient, you can choose any style of ring light you like without leaving home. It only takes about 10 days to receive the ring light package at your door.

Power & Light

The USB power cord is connected to the lamp body, and the control is by wire. It supports three modes switching of warm/nature/white light, and supports 10-level brightness adjustment. The back shell has a heat dissipation hole, this allows the ring light to work longer and will not burn out due to heat.

ohotter pocket fill light

Tripod Stand

Regarding the tripod interface, the 10-inch lamp uses the camera’s standard 1/4-inch interface, and the interface will be equipped with a spherical pan/tilt. It is more convenient to adjust the angle so that the lamp body can be flipped at a large angle. The desktop type is equipped with a desktop tripod. The floor type ring light will be equipped with a 160cm floor tripod stand to meet your various shooting needs.


What to look for when choosing a ring light?

There are many sizes and different functions that affect how the ring light works and what circumstances it can perform well. Therefore, when narrowing down our selection of the best ring light, we focused on three key aspects: the diameter of the ring light, how much light it can output, and the lighting temperature.

choosing a ring light

Excellent Lighting Power

The OHOTTER LED ring light with stand is equipped with 3000 lumens and 3000~6500k color temperature, allowing you to take beautiful portrait photos by capturing the subject in the most ideal atmosphere to fully meet your various lighting needs.

Personalize Your Lights

The LED ring light for video shooting can provide optimized lighting and color according to the subject. The brightness and color temperature are adjustable. To soften the lights, it provides diffuser and button to adjust lighting.

Optimal Lighting

The ring light with tripod & bracket has a frosted lampshade that allows you to capture the subject with a soft light while providing you with the best lighting. It also has a fully rotatable, height-adjustable design that can easily reorient the stand to your favorite angle.

Practical & Convenient

The LED ring light with stand is easy to use because it allows you to take well-fill photos or videos with just a device with a phone stand. In order to increase portability, it is equipped with a carrying bag for easy transportation.

The Bottom Line:

What store sells ring lights? The most portable fill ring light ever made by OHOTTER provides all the conveniences for your creation. It is easy to carry and eye-catching. Have you started your camera business today?

Should I Get a Ring Light for Streaming

It is very easy for TikTok and Twitch influencers to publish videos, and anyone can use the camera with almost no hardware cost. For example, you can use the camera and microphone built into your laptop and illuminate yourself. Do I need a ring light for streaming?
ring light for streaming

The best and most affordable video lighting options for video creators. Our favorite option to use is a simple ring light. Why you need a ring light for streaming?

1. Improve Video Quality

The best lighting kits (such as ring lights and main lights) can improve your video quality, increase audience engagement, and improve your overall production quality. The LED light will illuminate the entire background and target on the camera, which may attract the audience’s attention

ring light for live webcast

The circular design of the ring light helps to eliminate shadows on the face easily.

2. Light Color Settings

Three modes adjustment and brightness increase decrease, you can adjust the brightness according to your needs. 10 adjustable brightness settings and 3 color levels (white, nature, warm yellow) ring lights are very suitable for a variety of Instagram, YouTube, Twitch Streaming, video creation, online courses and morning makeup.

3 color modes setting

3. Soften the Light

The advantage of the ring light is that it covers a layer of diffuser outside the LED lamp beads, which can create a beautiful uniform and natural light. The ring light helps to produce diffuse and soft light, resulting in an excellent light washing effect. This is why many video creators and photographers also use stage lights or reflectors.

4. Photography Tripod

If you focus on half-body video (for example in TikTok streaming), then you can also buy a ring light with a portable selfie tripod. This is also the best choice if you plan to shoot outdoors in cafes or restaurants. There is also a stand that can be clamped on the table. The adjustable floor stand has a wide range of heights, so you can sit at your desk with the light above your head shining down.

 ring light photography tripod

Most streaming light for short video is compatible with iPhone and Android USB. Just find the ring light that fits the smartphone and it can be easily and perfectly combined with the phone to start your video recording. This convenient smart phone accessory can slide into the phone holder of the ring light to help you freely let these hands hold the phone for you, and you can more freely show your objects and the creativity of your hands in the video.

5. Focus on the Point

When using them, they will evenly light at objects in front of you or the camera. Depending on its size, you can connect it to your camera to shine on your face directly while streaming. Perfectly focus on small objects, it will try to focus on small objects that may be of interest to the audience.

ring light focus

6. Lightweight & Portable

Desktop ring light is also very small and compact, and comes with a carrying case, which can be used to store or carry it with you when traveling. You can also choose lighting options related to color temperature. This lighting solution requires better lighting management to have perfect video content.

7. Improve Sound Recording

If your budget is not enough, you may not need use the microphone. However, if you want higher quality social media streaming, you need to convert some of your live streams into course content, or you just want to take a video of your course, then a microphone is necessary! And the combination of the ring light with microphone removes a lot of hesitating options for your choice.

ring light with microphone

With the help of ring lights, people can easily make videos without spending too much on lighting. If you are looking for a ring light that can do the work without spending money, then DIY making your own ring light is the best choice, and you can still enjoy the fun of creation.

You can learn How to Make DIY LED Ring Light?

diy led ring light

Finally, if you don’t want to spend too much time, then OHotter USB ring lights are more compact and portable than some other. The 10 inches ring light size for streaming can also be disassembled for easy storage and transportation when needed. Therefore, if you are an KOL who travels frequently or livestreaming from a new place, the OHotter fill light may be a valuable option. If you use it properly, it should last for several years.

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How to Use the Ring Light for Portrait Photography

Do you see the most beautiful photos and videos on the social pages of many influencers? Most of these photographers and video creators can simply produce these high-quality videos and photos because they use some dimmable lighting equipment, and the most cost-effective one is the LED ring light. The ring light can help you take brightly and professional photos and videos. How to use ring light for portraits?

ring light for portraits

It provides soft lighting for 3/4 or full body photos or products, but there is other more general lighting. The ring light is very suitable for all kinds of medical photography, body ulcers, surgical incisions, macro images etc.

Why use Ring Lights for Portraits Macro?

When you use the ring light to take pictures, place the camera lens in the center of the ring light. This ensures that the subject is illuminated evenly from the direction of the camera. The effect of this lighting is to reduce the impact of strong shadows. Ring light photography produces clean, attractive and stunning photos. Dimmable ring lights have more uses and better control of color temperature. Through the imagination of lighting, you can have more creativity.

control color temperature

Photography Professionals and Beginners

For Self-Portrait:

If you want to get the best facial features, please try to use the beauty ring light when taking pictures. The ring lighting effect can help you get appropriate color temperature through simple lighting settings.

Because the portrait photos taken by ring light are unique, they can be easily distinguished from regular photos.

The ring light focuses more on the eyes of the individual, subject or model, thus ensuring that the result looks beautiful, mature and professional.

For Partial Close-up:

The ring light is the best lighting option for close-up photography and video creation (such as makeup tutorials). It can not only show the beauty of the face, but also show the exact skin and theme of the face.

ring light for partial close up

For Video Recording:

Photographers use ring lights in lighting tools, usually in combination with other lighting tools such as soft boxes, fill lights. The ring light is mainly used to illuminate the portrait, and the soft box can take care of the scene for the lens. The combination of ring light for video and lighting tools can take care of the dynamic picture of the entire video. The ring light fixed on the front of the camera can be very helpful when subjects often move.

But it is not suitable for photography that is too far away from the subject, which will make it unable to focus the lights.

Compared with softbox, ring lights have been successfully used for close-up photography, including portrait photography, unboxing videos and makeup tutorials. Since it is generally more affordable than a soft light, it is ideal for YouTube lighting within a budget. In addition to video recording on the go, the ring light is also becoming more and more popular with selfie enthusiast.

How to Use the Ring Light Self Portrait

1. Make sure you read the manual that came with the ring light. Once you understand its functions, you can assemble the ring light easier and faster.

2. To use the ring light for photography, make sure your subject is placed, focused, and ready to take photos.

3. After setting the subject, make sure to place the camera in the center of the ring light.

4. The halo of the ring light passes through above and below the object and the front of the object.

ring light self portrait

Can you use a ring light for portraits? you should buy this great tool from AIXPI. Even if it can’t illuminate a large area, macro ring light for portraits is still a very useful lighting tool. Easy to use, portable size, and can emit soft and lovely light. Not only will you be excited about it, but everyone around you will also be excited about it.

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What is a Ring Light Used for?How to Use Ring Light?

How to Use a Ring Light

The ring light kit is soft, almost shadow less and clean, and the dimmable control allows you to adjust the brightness to the desired effect. The color temperature of the ring light is adjustable, which can imitate the warm natural light, which is very suitable for professional makeup artists and beauty portraits. Because of the pandemic in 2021, many people have to work at home through online meetings. Ring lights for video become popular, and how to use a ring light for video conferencing?

ring light for video conferencing

Where Should a Zoom Ring Light be Placed?

Should the ring light be placed in one place? If this is your designated teaching space, and you will always stay here, you can make a larger or more fixed installation. You can use AC power, or you can place a ring light on a desk or wall, and then always plug the electric light there.

zoom ring light be placed

If you plan to move from room to room and possibly show it to the class, then you may need more mobility. A fill light with extendable tripod may be better.

I like to place the main light at a 45° angle to the camera. This creates a shadow on my face, which creates depth.

The ring light is designed to encourage you to put camera in the middle of ring light. When your camera and the main light are at the same angle, it will evenly illuminate your face.

How to Use a Ring Light with a Laptop Camera

Obviously, you will not be able to place your laptop in the middle of the ring light, so if you want to using a camera, try to place it above the upper edge of the screen to get your face properly illuminated.

Set the Right Distance

Before deciding where to use the ring light for video, try placing the ring light at different distances from you to see which gap is best for your surroundings. The length of the light source also needs to be different depending on the setting position.

Choose Color Mode

Most ring lights have adjustable brightness controls, which can be useful depending on the type of picture you want to shoot. From the yellow end of the spectrum to the bright pure white light. This color change is very important to correctly adjust the ambient light in the room. You can click to browse 3 different color modes.

Easy to Use

A tripod or some kind of phone clip comes with works with many ring lights. If you use a smartphone or digital camera to shoot video, the ideal location is the center of the ring light. Most models come with a tripod and stand.

Benefits of Using Ring Lights:

In places where there is no natural light, or when you want a scene that does not change with the position of the sun, please add auxiliary lighting. You will have to rely on fill lighting or a cheaper and more portable option.

This small ring fill light is very suitable for journey, home or office.

This cheap ring light price is about $20, from Amazon.com or aixpi online store.

It did the job! It is very suitable for use in low light conditions, and it can brighten your face, so you appear clear and bright on the camera.

small ring fill light

I bought a US$20 ring light on Amazon. It emits soft light, but if you are using a normal light, shining it on the wall behind the screen will soften it before hitting your face.

cheap ring light

The fill ring light for laptop can be as cheap as a household lamp. Adjust the light angle so that it bounces off the wall or ceiling, depending on your work area, which in turn soft the light and makes the light more pleasing.

Desk Circle Light for Laptop with Adjustable Stand and Phone Holder for Video Recording

This convenient ring light from Yarrashop provides natural lighting in three different color temperatures. Play around and find the camera that best suits your room, lighting and camera lens. It even includes a built-in phone holder that can be used for shooting or stable video.

Ring Light 10″ with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder for YouTube Video If you need to save more money, you can upgrade from AIXPI to this ring light, which has an adjustable tripod and is not limited by the height of the desktop.

aixpi 10 inch ring light

Neewer 18″/48cm Outer 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light

If you want the most profit, Neewer ring light kit can meet your needs. It has an adjustable tripod, wireless remote control, color filters and stand for shooting with digital SLR cameras.

How to use a ring light for Zoom? The video calls are new to most people in live streaming. Refer the methods in this article can give you some tips, as your video and audio quality improve, it will be easier to win the attention of fans.

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How about Key Light vs Fill Light

What is key light and fill light? The key light and the filling light are two light sources. The key light is the main light used to illuminate subject, and the fill light is the enhancement of the shadow. This is an effective lighting because it can provide three-dimensional lighting effect.

key light and fill light

How to Set up Three-Point Lighting

Main light: used as your main lighting

Fill light: used to fill light on the opposite side of the key light

Backlight: used to extract the three-dimensional effect

3-point lighting is to create a three-dimensional appearance. By placing three light sources around the object, each light source illuminates an angle of the object and creates an image with higher height, width and depth.

Usually, the ratio of key light and the fill light is 2:1

The main is usually the strongest light, used to highlight the size and form of the object in the three-point lighting. This means that the brightness of your key light should be twice that of the fill light. The relationship between light intensity and location can vary according to your goals.

How to Build Key Lighting Settings

The main lighting is the main lighting point of the photography. The main light is usually placed in front of the main body at an angle to illuminate an area of the main body.

How to Create Fill Light Settings

The second light source in the three-point lighting used in photography and film photography, fill light is used to fill or illuminate the shadow created by the main light. The fill light can be provided by artificial light or natural light through a reflective material, the purpose of which is to supplement light for the video.

fill light settings

It is usually placed in front of the main body, opposite to the key light, but also at an angle to continue to produce a certain depth, and it can also make the details on the side of the main body more vivid.

The Light Source of the Fill Light:

You can choose from a variety of lights to fill, it can be a softbox or a side light. The fill light does not necessarily have to be a light source. In fact, it can also be a mirror, cardboard covered with foil, white cardstock, etc. The role of these reflectors is to redirect the key light to the object from another angle. This type of fill light is usually softer and more delicate than lamps.

Key Light vs Fill Light Ring Light

Ring lights are usually regarded as fill lights. You will see that the ring light has begun to be used in a fashionable way to eliminate any shadows caused by the main light. By combining the ring light with the beauty angle, I can get the best of both worlds at the same time.

These ring light kits provide fill light you need for a three-point lighting configuration, and your online status will start to become brighter.

The ring light is exactly circular, not square or other shapes. The ring light creates an aperture without any light in its actual center.

Ring Fill Light for Portrait Photography Place the camera in the center of the ring light so that the subject can be illuminated completely uniformly. There is almost no shadow on the face of the portrait! It can not only make the face of the subject have uniform illumination, but also the eyes of the portrait have an angel halo.

fill light for portrait photography

The price of ring lights is usually US$20~200 or higher, and there are many options about $100 range. If you just want to start making simple YouTube videos (such as makeup tutorials), then a compact ring light with a built- in phone holder under $50 is a good investment!

18 Inch Selfie Ring Light Kit for YouTube, Streaming & Makeup

The 18 Inch ring light lighting kit for makeup and beauty studio is perfect for beginner vlogs and helps create high-quality content for people just starting. Built-in Bi-color Filter and LED bulbs from 2700K~5500K and stepless dimming ranges from 1%-100%. You can adjust it easily to present the desired shooting environment accurately. Especially suitable for makeup and photography, it produces uniform bright light and never flickers. Through these lighting solutions, your Instagram followers will like your content more.

What is the key and fill light positions? You can adjust the ratio and brightness of all main lights and fill lights, and play at the distance between them and the subject. You will find that adjusting one or more settings and their positions each time will bring you different results and fun.

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