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Where Can I Buy a Ring Light

As TikTok and YouTube live become more and more popular, streaming video is a great way to publish your content. Most cameras and mobile phones have insufficient lighting, and some of the best and most affordable ring lights you can buy enhance video quality to increase your likes, subscribers, and followers. Where to buy affordable ring light?

affordable ring light

What’s the Purpose of a Ring Light?

1. If you buy a ring light to take photos of small items (the size of the item is less than or equal to half a piece of A4 paper) or you want to go out and carry it easily (such as taking photos of vlog outdoors to fill light, shooting food dishes, etc.), or make beauty livestreaming at home (only need to fill light to the face), you can consider a 10-inch ring lamp. It can be easily put into the backpack after it is disassembled. Because of its light weight, it is convenient to hold with one hand.

2. If you want to take pictures larger items, or selfie at home, mainly fill up the half body and have a great need for brightness, you can consider buying a 14-inch or 18-inch lamp with a floor tripod stand. If you want two people to record a video together, you need a larger and brighter light, and it is best to use a combination of multiple lights.

purpose of a ring light

How to Buy ring light near me?

These LED ring lights provide perfect lighting every time. Amazon reviewer are full of praise for LED ring light. You can adjust the color temperature through the button or remote control, and even adjust to the smallest details without using color filters.

Although ring lights can be purchased from traditional retailers such as Bestbuy and Walmart, they can also be purchased through Amazon and Urban Outfitters. Search by keywords, you can see 10-inch, 12-inch, 14-inch, 18-inch LED and RGB ring lights of various sizes and functions.

OHOTTER Fill Light

Online E-commerce website like OHOTTER will be very convenient, you can choose any style of ring light you like without leaving home. It only takes about 10 days to receive the ring light package at your door.

Power & Light

The USB power cord is connected to the lamp body, and the control is by wire. It supports three modes switching of warm/nature/white light, and supports 10-level brightness adjustment. The back shell has a heat dissipation hole, this allows the ring light to work longer and will not burn out due to heat.

ohotter pocket fill light

Tripod Stand

Regarding the tripod interface, the 10-inch lamp uses the camera’s standard 1/4-inch interface, and the interface will be equipped with a spherical pan/tilt. It is more convenient to adjust the angle so that the lamp body can be flipped at a large angle. The desktop type is equipped with a desktop tripod. The floor type ring light will be equipped with a 160cm floor tripod stand to meet your various shooting needs.


What to look for when choosing a ring light?

There are many sizes and different functions that affect how the ring light works and what circumstances it can perform well. Therefore, when narrowing down our selection of the best ring light, we focused on three key aspects: the diameter of the ring light, how much light it can output, and the lighting temperature.

choosing a ring light

Excellent Lighting Power

The OHOTTER LED ring light with stand is equipped with 3000 lumens and 3000~6500k color temperature, allowing you to take beautiful portrait photos by capturing the subject in the most ideal atmosphere to fully meet your various lighting needs.

Personalize Your Lights

The LED ring light for video shooting can provide optimized lighting and color according to the subject. The brightness and color temperature are adjustable. To soften the lights, it provides diffuser and button to adjust lighting.

Optimal Lighting

The ring light with tripod & bracket has a frosted lampshade that allows you to capture the subject with a soft light while providing you with the best lighting. It also has a fully rotatable, height-adjustable design that can easily reorient the stand to your favorite angle.

Practical & Convenient

The LED ring light with stand is easy to use because it allows you to take well-fill photos or videos with just a device with a phone stand. In order to increase portability, it is equipped with a carrying bag for easy transportation.

The Bottom Line:

What store sells ring lights? The most portable fill ring light ever made by OHOTTER provides all the conveniences for your creation. It is easy to carry and eye-catching. Have you started your camera business today?

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