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Should I Get a Ring Light for Streaming

It is very easy for TikTok and Twitch influencers to publish videos, and anyone can use the camera with almost no hardware cost. For example, you can use the camera and microphone built into your laptop and illuminate yourself. Do I need a ring light for streaming?
ring light for streaming

The best and most affordable video lighting options for video creators. Our favorite option to use is a simple ring light. Why you need a ring light for streaming?

1. Improve Video Quality

The best lighting kits (such as ring lights and main lights) can improve your video quality, increase audience engagement, and improve your overall production quality. The LED light will illuminate the entire background and target on the camera, which may attract the audience’s attention

ring light for live webcast

The circular design of the ring light helps to eliminate shadows on the face easily.

2. Light Color Settings

Three modes adjustment and brightness increase decrease, you can adjust the brightness according to your needs. 10 adjustable brightness settings and 3 color levels (white, nature, warm yellow) ring lights are very suitable for a variety of Instagram, YouTube, Twitch Streaming, video creation, online courses and morning makeup.

3 color modes setting

3. Soften the Light

The advantage of the ring light is that it covers a layer of diffuser outside the LED lamp beads, which can create a beautiful uniform and natural light. The ring light helps to produce diffuse and soft light, resulting in an excellent light washing effect. This is why many video creators and photographers also use stage lights or reflectors.

4. Photography Tripod

If you focus on half-body video (for example in TikTok streaming), then you can also buy a ring light with a portable selfie tripod. This is also the best choice if you plan to shoot outdoors in cafes or restaurants. There is also a stand that can be clamped on the table. The adjustable floor stand has a wide range of heights, so you can sit at your desk with the light above your head shining down.

 ring light photography tripod

Most streaming light for short video is compatible with iPhone and Android USB. Just find the ring light that fits the smartphone and it can be easily and perfectly combined with the phone to start your video recording. This convenient smart phone accessory can slide into the phone holder of the ring light to help you freely let these hands hold the phone for you, and you can more freely show your objects and the creativity of your hands in the video.

5. Focus on the Point

When using them, they will evenly light at objects in front of you or the camera. Depending on its size, you can connect it to your camera to shine on your face directly while streaming. Perfectly focus on small objects, it will try to focus on small objects that may be of interest to the audience.

ring light focus

6. Lightweight & Portable

Desktop ring light is also very small and compact, and comes with a carrying case, which can be used to store or carry it with you when traveling. You can also choose lighting options related to color temperature. This lighting solution requires better lighting management to have perfect video content.

7. Improve Sound Recording

If your budget is not enough, you may not need use the microphone. However, if you want higher quality social media streaming, you need to convert some of your live streams into course content, or you just want to take a video of your course, then a microphone is necessary! And the combination of the ring light with microphone removes a lot of hesitating options for your choice.

ring light with microphone

With the help of ring lights, people can easily make videos without spending too much on lighting. If you are looking for a ring light that can do the work without spending money, then DIY making your own ring light is the best choice, and you can still enjoy the fun of creation.

You can learn How to Make DIY LED Ring Light?

diy led ring light

Finally, if you don’t want to spend too much time, then OHotter USB ring lights are more compact and portable than some other. The 10 inches ring light size for streaming can also be disassembled for easy storage and transportation when needed. Therefore, if you are an KOL who travels frequently or livestreaming from a new place, the OHotter fill light may be a valuable option. If you use it properly, it should last for several years.

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