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How to Use the Ring Light for Portrait Photography

Do you see the most beautiful photos and videos on the social pages of many influencers? Most of these photographers and video creators can simply produce these high-quality videos and photos because they use some dimmable lighting equipment, and the most cost-effective one is the LED ring light. The ring light can help you take brightly and professional photos and videos. How to use ring light for portraits?

ring light for portraits

It provides soft lighting for 3/4 or full body photos or products, but there is other more general lighting. The ring light is very suitable for all kinds of medical photography, body ulcers, surgical incisions, macro images etc.

Why use Ring Lights for Portraits Macro?

When you use the ring light to take pictures, place the camera lens in the center of the ring light. This ensures that the subject is illuminated evenly from the direction of the camera. The effect of this lighting is to reduce the impact of strong shadows. Ring light photography produces clean, attractive and stunning photos. Dimmable ring lights have more uses and better control of color temperature. Through the imagination of lighting, you can have more creativity.

control color temperature

Photography Professionals and Beginners

For Self-Portrait:

If you want to get the best facial features, please try to use the beauty ring light when taking pictures. The ring lighting effect can help you get appropriate color temperature through simple lighting settings.

Because the portrait photos taken by ring light are unique, they can be easily distinguished from regular photos.

The ring light focuses more on the eyes of the individual, subject or model, thus ensuring that the result looks beautiful, mature and professional.

For Partial Close-up:

The ring light is the best lighting option for close-up photography and video creation (such as makeup tutorials). It can not only show the beauty of the face, but also show the exact skin and theme of the face.

ring light for partial close up

For Video Recording:

Photographers use ring lights in lighting tools, usually in combination with other lighting tools such as soft boxes, fill lights. The ring light is mainly used to illuminate the portrait, and the soft box can take care of the scene for the lens. The combination of ring light for video and lighting tools can take care of the dynamic picture of the entire video. The ring light fixed on the front of the camera can be very helpful when subjects often move.

But it is not suitable for photography that is too far away from the subject, which will make it unable to focus the lights.

Compared with softbox, ring lights have been successfully used for close-up photography, including portrait photography, unboxing videos and makeup tutorials. Since it is generally more affordable than a soft light, it is ideal for YouTube lighting within a budget. In addition to video recording on the go, the ring light is also becoming more and more popular with selfie enthusiast.

How to Use the Ring Light Self Portrait

1. Make sure you read the manual that came with the ring light. Once you understand its functions, you can assemble the ring light easier and faster.

2. To use the ring light for photography, make sure your subject is placed, focused, and ready to take photos.

3. After setting the subject, make sure to place the camera in the center of the ring light.

4. The halo of the ring light passes through above and below the object and the front of the object.

ring light self portrait

Can you use a ring light for portraits? you should buy this great tool from AIXPI. Even if it can’t illuminate a large area, macro ring light for portraits is still a very useful lighting tool. Easy to use, portable size, and can emit soft and lovely light. Not only will you be excited about it, but everyone around you will also be excited about it.

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