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How to Use a Ring Light

The ring light kit is soft, almost shadow less and clean, and the dimmable control allows you to adjust the brightness to the desired effect. The color temperature of the ring light is adjustable, which can imitate the warm natural light, which is very suitable for professional makeup artists and beauty portraits. Because of the pandemic in 2021, many people have to work at home through online meetings. Ring lights for video become popular, and how to use a ring light for video conferencing?

ring light for video conferencing

Where Should a Zoom Ring Light be Placed?

Should the ring light be placed in one place? If this is your designated teaching space, and you will always stay here, you can make a larger or more fixed installation. You can use AC power, or you can place a ring light on a desk or wall, and then always plug the electric light there.

zoom ring light be placed

If you plan to move from room to room and possibly show it to the class, then you may need more mobility. A fill light with extendable tripod may be better.

I like to place the main light at a 45° angle to the camera. This creates a shadow on my face, which creates depth.

The ring light is designed to encourage you to put camera in the middle of ring light. When your camera and the main light are at the same angle, it will evenly illuminate your face.

How to Use a Ring Light with a Laptop Camera

Obviously, you will not be able to place your laptop in the middle of the ring light, so if you want to using a camera, try to place it above the upper edge of the screen to get your face properly illuminated.

Set the Right Distance

Before deciding where to use the ring light for video, try placing the ring light at different distances from you to see which gap is best for your surroundings. The length of the light source also needs to be different depending on the setting position.

Choose Color Mode

Most ring lights have adjustable brightness controls, which can be useful depending on the type of picture you want to shoot. From the yellow end of the spectrum to the bright pure white light. This color change is very important to correctly adjust the ambient light in the room. You can click to browse 3 different color modes.

Easy to Use

A tripod or some kind of phone clip comes with works with many ring lights. If you use a smartphone or digital camera to shoot video, the ideal location is the center of the ring light. Most models come with a tripod and stand.

Benefits of Using Ring Lights:

In places where there is no natural light, or when you want a scene that does not change with the position of the sun, please add auxiliary lighting. You will have to rely on fill lighting or a cheaper and more portable option.

This small ring fill light is very suitable for journey, home or office.

This cheap ring light price is about $20, from Amazon.com or aixpi online store.

It did the job! It is very suitable for use in low light conditions, and it can brighten your face, so you appear clear and bright on the camera.

small ring fill light

I bought a US$20 ring light on Amazon. It emits soft light, but if you are using a normal light, shining it on the wall behind the screen will soften it before hitting your face.

cheap ring light

The fill ring light for laptop can be as cheap as a household lamp. Adjust the light angle so that it bounces off the wall or ceiling, depending on your work area, which in turn soft the light and makes the light more pleasing.

Desk Circle Light for Laptop with Adjustable Stand and Phone Holder for Video Recording

This convenient ring light from Yarrashop provides natural lighting in three different color temperatures. Play around and find the camera that best suits your room, lighting and camera lens. It even includes a built-in phone holder that can be used for shooting or stable video.

Ring Light 10″ with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder for YouTube Video If you need to save more money, you can upgrade from AIXPI to this ring light, which has an adjustable tripod and is not limited by the height of the desktop.

aixpi 10 inch ring light

Neewer 18″/48cm Outer 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light

If you want the most profit, Neewer ring light kit can meet your needs. It has an adjustable tripod, wireless remote control, color filters and stand for shooting with digital SLR cameras.

How to use a ring light for Zoom? The video calls are new to most people in live streaming. Refer the methods in this article can give you some tips, as your video and audio quality improve, it will be easier to win the attention of fans.

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