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How about Key Light vs Fill Light

What is key light and fill light? The key light and the filling light are two light sources. The key light is the main light used to illuminate subject, and the fill light is the enhancement of the shadow. This is an effective lighting because it can provide three-dimensional lighting effect.

key light and fill light

How to Set up Three-Point Lighting

Main light: used as your main lighting

Fill light: used to fill light on the opposite side of the key light

Backlight: used to extract the three-dimensional effect

3-point lighting is to create a three-dimensional appearance. By placing three light sources around the object, each light source illuminates an angle of the object and creates an image with higher height, width and depth.

Usually, the ratio of key light and the fill light is 2:1

The main is usually the strongest light, used to highlight the size and form of the object in the three-point lighting. This means that the brightness of your key light should be twice that of the fill light. The relationship between light intensity and location can vary according to your goals.

How to Build Key Lighting Settings

The main lighting is the main lighting point of the photography. The main light is usually placed in front of the main body at an angle to illuminate an area of the main body.

How to Create Fill Light Settings

The second light source in the three-point lighting used in photography and film photography, fill light is used to fill or illuminate the shadow created by the main light. The fill light can be provided by artificial light or natural light through a reflective material, the purpose of which is to supplement light for the video.

fill light settings

It is usually placed in front of the main body, opposite to the key light, but also at an angle to continue to produce a certain depth, and it can also make the details on the side of the main body more vivid.

The Light Source of the Fill Light:

You can choose from a variety of lights to fill, it can be a softbox or a side light. The fill light does not necessarily have to be a light source. In fact, it can also be a mirror, cardboard covered with foil, white cardstock, etc. The role of these reflectors is to redirect the key light to the object from another angle. This type of fill light is usually softer and more delicate than lamps.

Key Light vs Fill Light Ring Light

Ring lights are usually regarded as fill lights. You will see that the ring light has begun to be used in a fashionable way to eliminate any shadows caused by the main light. By combining the ring light with the beauty angle, I can get the best of both worlds at the same time.

These ring light kits provide fill light you need for a three-point lighting configuration, and your online status will start to become brighter.

The ring light is exactly circular, not square or other shapes. The ring light creates an aperture without any light in its actual center.

Ring Fill Light for Portrait Photography Place the camera in the center of the ring light so that the subject can be illuminated completely uniformly. There is almost no shadow on the face of the portrait! It can not only make the face of the subject have uniform illumination, but also the eyes of the portrait have an angel halo.

fill light for portrait photography

The price of ring lights is usually US$20~200 or higher, and there are many options about $100 range. If you just want to start making simple YouTube videos (such as makeup tutorials), then a compact ring light with a built- in phone holder under $50 is a good investment!

18 Inch Selfie Ring Light Kit for YouTube, Streaming & Makeup

The 18 Inch ring light lighting kit for makeup and beauty studio is perfect for beginner vlogs and helps create high-quality content for people just starting. Built-in Bi-color Filter and LED bulbs from 2700K~5500K and stepless dimming ranges from 1%-100%. You can adjust it easily to present the desired shooting environment accurately. Especially suitable for makeup and photography, it produces uniform bright light and never flickers. Through these lighting solutions, your Instagram followers will like your content more.

What is the key and fill light positions? You can adjust the ratio and brightness of all main lights and fill lights, and play at the distance between them and the subject. You will find that adjusting one or more settings and their positions each time will bring you different results and fun.

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