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Ohotter LED Selfie Light with Tripod Stand

Photography ring lights seem to be everywhere. You can choose dozens of products from dozens of companies, and they are popular among photographers, makeup artists, and social media KOL. LED ring light is a circular ring light with a large aperture, intended to be placed in front of the object. Then, take an image by placing the camera in the hole of the selfie ring light with tripod stand. The front lighting can provide uniformly illuminated images. This is one of the things you like or hate, but photographers tend to really like it.

ohotter led selfie light

Why Choose Ohotter Brand Ring Lights


The higher the lumens, the stronger the light and the more accurate the color. This is important if you are going to do a lot of image color.

The Ohotter ring light has a dimmer, which can provide 3 modes of light and 10 brightness settings.

Adjustable Color Temperature

Do you want warm lighting? Or do you like to stay cool? Some ring lights have color temperature dimmers or capture filters, which you can place on top of the ring lights to make photos and videos look warmer or colder. And these, the color temperature of the Ohotter ring light is between 3200 and 5600K. This style of light is an excellent choice for shooting portraits or videos, conducting live streaming, getting fascinating selfies, and shooting makeup videos.

adjustable color temperature

High Color Rendering Index

Look for ring lights with CRI values greater than 90 or even 95 in Ohotter, real color display, perfect video effect.

You use OHotter LED ring lights without worrying about overheating or running out of battery power. You can keep them continuously lit and adjust brightness and color temperature during using.

Do you want an LED ring light that can be used with a camera or smartphone?

LED Desktop Selfie Ring Light

YouTubers and beauty bloggers may prefer desktop ring lights. When buying LED ring lights for makeup, LED ring lights with a small desktop tripods stand are a good choice. The ring light has a desktop stand and a dimmable LED bulb.

ohotter desktop selfie ring light

You can even find ring lights specially designed for selfies that can be clipped to your smartphone. These are the affordable and most portable options.

This is the best clip-on LED light kit for video chat

Whether it is work or chatting with friends and family, many of us use video chat. The LED ring light clipped to a laptop is a great way to illuminate your face for a professional look during video calls.

clip on lighting kit

This LED Streaming Lighting Kit with Clip for video chat. It can be clipped to the top of a laptop and provides a pleasing uniform light in three color temperatures (white light, warm light and natural light). It has 64 LED lamp beads and adjustable brightness. It is powered by USB and easy to carry. This Clip-on Streaming Lighting Kit can greatly improve the quality of online video.

How to Use Ring Lights for Videos

The ring light is installed on a tripod, usually directly in front of the substance. Then place the camera in a blank area in the ring. Usually, the ring light will be used to take close or medium shots of the subject.

use ring light for video

If you have a particularly powerful ring light and your walls are painted white, try turning the ring light around and bounce off the walls and ceiling. Although you may need some other light sources in the room, this will produce softer light.

Ohotter the best LED selfie ring lightis easy to use, provides a variety of brightness settings, and uniform illumination of the subject. They can also reduce the appearance of unnecessary shadows, emphasize details, and even create certain color effects. Please believe that it can help you create perfect works well. If you have more information you want to know, please leave a message below or subscribe us.

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