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How to Create Ring Light at Home 2021

The ring light is exactly what you need to enjoy better photos or clearer videos. Whether you want to manage your business or just be interested in art, ring lights can really make a difference. If you want to upgrade photos and videos, you only need the ring light. But since budget is usually a challenge. This article is about how to make a ring light to help you create the cheapest ring light.

Buy Ring Light with Stand online at Best Price

If you want to take pictures with no shadows and uniform light, especially in low light conditions, the ring light is one of the best investments you can make. Ring lights can be purchased directly, and the price of ring lights may vary, depending on the size and features they provide. You can find the price between 20 and 150 US dollars on the Ohotter top ring light brand website.

Easy Makeup DIY Ring Light

You can easily make a suitable ring lamp using materials with a total cost of less than $20. If you want to use special materials, you can spend up to $30 or more.

Easy Makeup DIY Ring Light for Beginners

The Easiest DIY Ring Light to Make for Less Than $20

You will need:

LED Light Strip + Controller

Harder materials that can fix the shape or transparent water pipes

Scotch Tape (optional)

These items can be found in almost any home store and cost less.

Easy DIY Ring Light

Method of Cardboard:

1. Use a material or cardboard with sufficient hardness to cut the coil with scissors.

2. LED light bar should depend on the size of your future ring light.

3. Determine the size of the ring light by drawing a circle, and then measure the unfolded circle. 4. Fix the LED strip to the round cardboard and fix it with tape.

Method of Plastic Drain Hose:

1. The above coil materials can also be replaced with transparent plastic water pipes.

2. The folded LED stripes are introduced into the plastic drain hose. You must make sure that the length of the LED strip is the same as the length of the drain hose so that no black spots are left on the ring light.

3. Fix the LED strip in the drain hose with the help of white tape. Then I made the drain hose into a circle and fixed the phone holder base with some adhesive. I chose self-mixing instant epoxy resin.

4. After fixing the circle, turn on the LED light string, hang the light on the camera, and then take a picture.

Depending on your creativity and material of choice, making DIY ring lights may be different. It takes about an hour to several hours.

Choose the right LED string

The power and size of the ring lights are different. If you want to see visible captured light on the subject’s eyes, you need a larger ring light. However, if you want to take a lot of close-up photos, a smaller ring light will give you the same effect. It is usually best to have a dimmer. You will be able to easily adjust the power according to the distance between the ring light and the main body.

Even if you decide to use colored light to create more interesting colors, you still need natural default colors. Ring lights usually work best under fluorescent lights, warm or even pure white lights, rather than warm yellow.

How to Use the Ring Light for Photography and Video

After preparing the subject, just place the ring light in front of the camera. Whether you are using a camera phone or a more professional camera, make sure that the lens is correctly positioned in the center of the lens so that you can get uniform illumination on the subject every time. Use a clip or tripod to fix the camera and fix it in place.

You need to pay so much energy and cost to make your own ring light at home, although there is infinite fun in it. But you can also choose to buy a selfie ring light kit from the trusted ring light brand Ohotter, which generally more than US$20.

The Bottom Line:

This is one of the easiest DIY ring light for phone. It can provide good results. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap and simple ring lighting solution to make at home, you can try it. It can not only provide better effect for your photographic works, but also increase the fun of hands-on creation.

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